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Spülen, Baukastensystem Rinse, Modular Design Show products

dishwasher rinse aid

packing size small 7.33 €/l** 21.99 €**
6 bottles à 500 ml in carton Art-Nr: 34021

Immediately ready for shipment

dishwasher tabs

single package 9.50 €/kg** 4.75 €**
1 package Art-Nr: 34030

Currently out of stock

Waschen, Baukastensystem Washing, Modular Design Show products

washing agent basic color

packing size small 5.85 €/kg** 8.06 €**
1 bag à 1.38 kg Art-Nr: 34001

Currently out of stock

washing agent basic sensitive liquid

large container 5.55 €/l** 55.45 €**
10 litre in can Art-Nr: 34003

Currently out of stock

Waschen, Baukastensystem - aus konventionellem Anbau Washing, Modular Design - from conventional cultivation Show products


soda (sodium hydrogen carbonate)

large container 3.69 €/kg** 18.46 €**
5 kg in carton Art-Nr: 40495

Immediately ready for shipment

single package 4.76 €/kg** 4.76 €**
1 kg in bag Art-Nr: 40389

Immediately ready for shipment

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