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PayPal natuerlich von bode weiss
PayPal natuerlich von bode weiss
PayPal natuerlich von bode weiss
PayPal natuerlich von bode weiss
PayPal natuerlich von bode weiss
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PAYPAL at Bode - smart, simple and fast!


Our specialists have been following the harvest in Turkey this August!

We have activated one of the most popular payment options now for you! From now on, online shop customers can also pay us via PayPal, quickly and conveniently with direct notification of the payment process. Select Paypal as your payment method in the checkout. After your shopping tour, sit back and relax and nibble on a nut mix, because there is no need to think about paying the bill. Alternatively, you can of course instruct us to issue a SEPA mandate, which is even more convenient for you.
Here you can find more information onPaypal.
For those who want to get started with their purchase right away:this way

Halle 11

Steel beams for our new production area!


Bode is growing steadily - the first steel girders are being placed in Hall 11 by our technical team, so that in future even more products will be dressed there in a touch of Bode red, both in quantity and variety.

Big projects require clever minds and, of course, plenty of nerve food: For Hall 11, that means 75 cubic meters of excavation for the foundations, into which 75 cubic meters of concrete were pumped, the equivalent of 1500 wheelbarrows. Our well-coordinated Bode team of energetic craftsmen is a fundamental necessity for this, so that progress towards a future not just greener but also more productive can be chiseled in stone. There, premises are being built so that everything can take place in a single hall without process-impeding detours. Full of anticipation, we look forward to a bright future with even more diversity, because the sky's the limit for us beyond the height of the ceiling of our Hall 11!

recycle for the future

Separate recyclables properly!


Busy trainee-bees buzz across our premises and train the entire Bode tribe!

In the pursuit of our evergreen sustainability project, our busy apprentice project team has developed a training course on recyclables education. Because not every rubbish is just rubbish! Especially not for us, as waste has a strong impact on our climate, nature and our lives. We have left behind the definitions of "waste" and "rubbish", because they are valuable resources. Following our green heart, we only want to use the term "recyclable material" and thus recognise the benefits. Recycling is an important issue for us, as well as resource conservation. We were given a very demonstrative explanation of how we should separate our recyclables at work and at home. A very complex topic, which is also handled individually depending on the location, and a chance for us to make a difference and raise awareness for a greener future! (Picture: Our trainees and on the left the pictograms that were created in the seminar process by the team)

...and yet: The best rubbish is, of course, no rubbish at all!

Bode Naturkost Picture

Summer festival at Bode


On Saturday, our team came together to celebrate summer, life and of course togetherness! Our festival committee lovingly organised a great programme with a bouncy castle and ball pool, table football event, wheel of fortune and a super delicious summer barbecue buffet. Real summer magic in the sunshine! Not only the Bode family was part of the party, but also the families and partners of our energetic colleagues. It was colourful and cheerful on our premises!
We took the opportunity to get to know each other better, welcome new Bode family members and reward ourselves for a very busy time.

Bode Naturkost Picture

Trainee bed celebrates first anniversary


Last year, our dedicated trainee project team sway their green thumbs vigorously in our garden! The greenery and flowers have brought us much joy in the past year and also provided a refuge and food for many kinds of animals. Therefore, for us this was a mission which we completed with full success. This year, of course, our flowerbed was again cared for and our hardworking trainees scattered a bee-friendly seeding for the new flora. In addition, a lovingly self-designed sign was attached for which we used our old pallet wood - true to the motto "Stay green!"

Better Crunchy

New: Better Crunchy organic


Not only delicious, but also simply better!
Why? Our delicious Better Crunchy creation is baked with only the natural sweetness of dried dates! Thus, it is completely free of refined sugar and also without palm oil. Based on oat flakes with the finest coconut, it is a true enrichment for your breakfast table and pleases all conscious crunchy lovers - natural can be sooo sweet!
Now available in packaging-saving bulk packs or in consumer packs in the new plastic-free as well as garden-compostable film.

Convince yourself!
Discover Better Crunchy now.
Plastic-free & garden compostable? Learn more!

Bode Naturkost Picture

New: Plastic-free assortment


WE SAY NO TO PLASTIC! With our new plastic-free packaging we encourage everyone to join the peaceful revolution against plastic and are now using the new garden compostable packaging! The repaq packaging is certified by the TÜV as "home and garden compostable", which is currently the highest environmental standard. It composts back to water and CO2 in 180 days, which are returned to the cycle. No microplastic is produced! We have converted part of our assortment and are very excited to see how the new packaging is going to be accepted by you. Step by step back into a closed natural cycle: Therefore it is our goal to offer all articles in the repaq-foil. The first packaging is now available, and some products are being held in the hands of Marketing Manager Kirstin Umland and Authorized Signatory / Division Manager Sales & Purchasing Mirko Grosch. Many thanks to all who are taking a step into the future together with us. You can find more information here. To our new assortment.

Bode Naturkost Picture

Start the year with new crop


The year has started and has already picked up speed. The new harvests from 2022 have sailed here: Organic hazelnuts, figs and apricots and more straight from the sunny origin are ready. The products are immediately available in bulk and consumer packages - we look forward to supplying you with these high-quality organic products again this year.

Bode Naturkost Picture

Merry Christmas!


Dear customers, as the year is coming to an end, we would like to take this opportunity to thank you for a successful business year and for the good and trusting cooperation despite all the difficulties! We wish you a merry and enjoyable Christmas season. May you also enjoy much joy, happiness, health and success in the new year.
Your team from Bode Naturkost

Bode Naturkost Picture

Video: Bode introduce themselves!


A visit that brings joy: foodactive e.V. from Hamburg visited us with their camera. We would therefore like to invite you to take a look behind the scenes. The shoot was great fun - thank you Annika and Stephanie from foodactive for this great opportunity!

Curious? You can watch the foodactive video here.

Bode Naturkost Picture

City cycling: CO² saved together


Our team cycled a total of 2221 km from September 1 to 21, 2021! A big thank you to all our colleagues who took part and made a contribution to climate protection. By using the bike instead of the car, we saved around 2500 kg of CO2. Keep pedaling so hard!

Bode Naturkost Picture

Sustainability: Trainees create insect bed


As part of our trainee project, we planted an insect bed on our company premises. As you known, insects such as bees, bumblebees and many others make an important contribution to nature, as their work keeps our ecosystem stable.

Our insect bed is in a sunny place, so that the plants can shine in the next years with their beautiful flowers. We have chosen a seed mixture that produces flowers for the endangered wild bees and bumblebees. In addition, we sowed plants that provide shelter for native butterflies.

Since we are very concerned about sustainability, this project is especially close to our hearts! To show you the difference, we've created a little photo collage for you. We are excited to see how our insect bed will develop and in which splendor it will show itself next year.

Bode Naturkost Picture

Trainee Power at Bode


We offer apprenticeships in seven different trades. Our trainee project team regularly works together on complex topics. They have just developed the new product "Bruchkernmischung bio" from the idea to market maturity. Arne Butkereit is in his second year of training as an e-commerce merchant: "I particularly like the contact with the other trainees and the insight into the different areas of work." Svenja Stang, assistant to the management, supervises the team: "Here, for example, the trainees train independent work, team skills, organization and creativity." And what's the next project? Kirstin Umland from Marketing: "Sustainability is an important topic at Bode. We're planting a large insect bed and creating a nice place for employees to take a break in the green." We will report!