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E-Biofach 2022 Banner 5% natuerlich von bode weiss
E-Biofach 2022 Banner 5% natuerlich von bode weiss
E-Biofach 2022 Banner 5% natuerlich von bode weiss
E-Biofach 2022 Banner 5% natuerlich von bode weiss
E-Biofach 2022 Banner 5% natuerlich von bode weiss
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Private Label

You want to pack products under your brand, but have no capacity or lack the technical possibilities?

We support you quickly and easily in the production of own-brand products. The goods will be packed in the desired packaging unit and labeled with your brand. You can use your own raw material and recipe or our raw material and recipe.

Your products will be packed by our modern packaging machine or we can also fill certain products by hand.
Many long-time customers use our service. Ask us for appropriate references.

Below you will find the technical data.


Technical requirements of our production

With our Inno Tech flow wrapper it is possible to pack quickly and easily larger quantities. Goods that can not be processed with the flow wrapper, we fill manually.

The price is made up of up to 3 components: Rawmaterial + mixing + filling.



For your spezial blend of different raw materials

Minimum 100 kg
Minimum powder products 300 kg

Inno Tech flow wrapper:

Minimum: 500 units

bags hight width weight
Blockbeutel 11 - 34 cm 8 - 13 cm 28 g – 1 kg
Kissenbeutel 12,5 - 30 cm 11 – 13 cm 28 g – 1 kg

Manual filling:

Minimum: 60 units

Bin Size
Clip bag 50 g – 1 kg
Tins 164 ml
Spice mill 110 ml
Glass 400 ml oder 1550 ml
Paper bags 5 - 25 kg

Products that are filled by hand:

  • articles consisting mainly of powders, for example flour and ground spices
  • dried pineapple rings
  • dried apple rings
  • dried mango slices



Size width length thickness space between labels space to rim left and right inner core diameter roll
values 5 – 8 cm 6 – 20 cm > 68 µ 3 - 6 mm identical, max. 3 mm 76 mm


Are you interested?

Please contact us for a concrete price offer.

Send us an E-Mail


Please give us the following data:

  • Product
  • Number of bags
  • Your own raw materials or our raw materials
  • Your own recipe or Bode formulation
  • Organic or conventional raw materials