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Washing, rinsing, cleaning with the power of nature

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Sundries Show products

orange oil- allround cleaner

packing size small 19,85 €/l** 59,55 €** Our Online Shop Price
6,00 bottles à 500 ml = carton Art-Nr: 34036

Rinse, Modular Design Show products

dishwashing detergent orange

packing size small 4,38 €/l** 13,14 €** Our Online Shop Price
6,00 bottles à 500 ml = carton Art-Nr: 34028

dishwasher rinse aid

packing size small 7,33 €/l** 21,99 €** Our Online Shop Price
6,00 bottles à 500 ml = carton Art-Nr: 34021

salt for dishwashers

single package 1,59 €/kg** 3,19 €** Our Online Shop Price
1,00 bag à 2,00 kg Art-Nr: 34022

dishwasher tabs

packing size small 8,07 €/kg** 48,41 €** Our Online Shop Price 12,00 package à 500 g = carton Art-Nr: 34029
single package 9,50 €/kg** 4,75 €** Our Online Shop Price 1,00 package à 500 g = unit Art-Nr: 34030

Washing, Modular Design Show products

washing agent basic color

packing size small 5,47 €/kg** 7,52 €** Our Online Shop Price
1,00 bag à 1,38 kg Art-Nr: 34001

washing agent basic sensitive liquid

large container 4,99 €/l** 49,86 €** Our Online Shop Price
10,00 litre à 1,00 kg = can Art-Nr: 34003

washing agent for colours and delicates

single package 7,07 €/kg** 7,07 €** Our Online Shop Price
1,00 kg = bag Art-Nr: 34012

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