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PDM natuerlich von bode weiss
PDM natuerlich von bode weiss
PDM natuerlich von bode weiss
PDM natuerlich von bode weiss
PDM natuerlich von bode weiss
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Training? Naturally with Bode!

At Bode Naturkost, we offer a wide range of apprenticeships. We offer training in seven different professions - from wholesale and foreign trade management assistant, e-commerce assistant, IT specialist for application development and system integration to forwarding and logistics services assistant and warehouse specialist. The dual study programme for electrical engineering and information technology is also part of the training offer.

Every trainee runs through all departments during their training - from logistics and marketing to quality assurance and goods purchasing and sales. In this way, everyone gets a comprehensive insight into internal processes as well as international and national trade. This trains commercial skills and builds social and professional competences. Furthermore, it becomes understandable how important communication and cooperation are. Consequently it also improves teamwork.

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Trainee Project Team

Another valuable part of the training at Bode Naturkost is working together in a trainee project team. This is a team in which all of the company's trainees work together on a project-oriented basis which gives the trainees a comprehensive, cross-departmental insight. Together, they are responsible for the entire process of handling important projects that are initiated directly by the management. Such as be a product development, the presentation of a topic on the website or a campaign for customers. For this purpose, the young professionals meet once a week and determine goals and their implementation. Each member is given his or her own task and regularly takes on roles such as discussion leader and minute writer. Meetings and communication can take place here in person or digitally, depending on the situation.

Get to know our energetic trainees here:

Premrudee Detrach is in her second year of training to become a wholesale and foreign trade management assistant:

„I like the diversity in the company. There are good opportunities for further training and my colleagues actively support me in my daily work. I really enjoy dealing with customers - because no day is like the other.“

Thanh-Viet Nguyen is currently in his second year of apprenticeship as an IT specialist for application development:

“Working in a company that is committed to sustainability and that you can contribute to is a great incentive for me. I learn a lot from practical tasks where there are always new challenges to master. I find it particularly appealing that we work a lot with open source. This does not only makes the work more interesting, but also helps with self-development and offers a lot of freedom.“

Nico Schmal is in his second year of training to become a freight forwarding and logistics services clerk:

"I used to worked at Bode Naturkost's warehouse for six years. However, I was given the opportunity to reorient myself due to physical limitations. I would describe the open communication between us trainees and the management level as a kind of "little family". My trainer not only has an open ear for my professional problems, but also for my private ones. If you ask me why I like being a trainee here, I could answer that simply with one word: COHESION!"

Laura Statnic began her training as an e-commerce clerk in August 2021:

"For me, the promotion of the individual as well as a close cohesion are fundamental components of a good working atmosphere. An atmosphere where people enjoy developing together both economically, in terms of character and as a team. Personal strengths are utilized, which is an important motivator for me in the profession I practice. Matters of the heart are given a hearing - so each individual has an equal voice, which is reflected in everything from the company philosophy to the last step of the work. In my job, I get to follow the progress that still has a lot of growth potential in the organic branch - we achieve success along with our business partners, the consumers who support us as well as the entire Bode team!"

Natthaly Natschke is in her second year as a management assistant in wholesale and foreign trade management:

"After a few detours in my career, I finally decided to become a trainee at Bode and immediately had the feeling of being part of the diverse team. You are quickly integrated and appreciated in your department: even as a trainee you soon get your own tasks and projects. Working here, there is no need to fear boredom! In addition, since day one, Bode has been willing to promote my strengths and potential not only in everyday life, but also on other opportunities. For example, I was able to enroll in a bilingual vocational school class, take part in internal and external training courses, and was also allowed to travel abroad for an external course program lasting several weeks."

Yasin Yilmaz in his third year as an apprentice warehouse logistics specialist:

„When I joined Bode for the last year of my apprenticeship, they welcomed me with open arms. In my first 3 months, I have already been able to learn more than before. Here I have been given the chance to be introduced to the areas of training that are relevant to me. I also get a look at all the departments here and can thus better understand the company and my profession. On top of that, I'm even being trained to drive a forklift, something I always dreamed of doing at my previous company. At Bode, I can finally practice what I could only learn about theoretically at school. The true essence and diversity of my profession have finally become familiar to me here, so that I also feel prepared for my final exams and my future career.“

Celine Kühl, this year's addition to the trainee team:

„In addition to my start of apprenticeship, Bode Naturkost offered me the perfect start for reorientation in Hamburg. In my opinion, a warm welcome in the company and the harmonious cooperation in the team now complete the picture of a thoroughly positive working environment. Open communication, independence and flexibility provide motivation every day and demand independent working methods. Motivating project formats lead early on to conveying both personal responsibility and the ability to deal with various topics independently, and yet you can still count on any support even in problematic situations. “

What do our employees say about the trainee project team?

Svenja Stang, the management assistant, heads the trainee project team:

“Right from the start, I really appreciated working with the trainee project team. The different training courses and characters make the work within the team extremely diverse. At the same time, these circumstances challenge the team. These have to be mastered and have been mastered proficiently.
I am proud of the trainee project team and what we have already achieved together.
I am highly looking forward to keep growing together as a team, to continuing to promote independent work and our own organisation, and to being able to give them more responsibility accordingly. With great interest, I look forward to our follow-up projects.“

What projects did the trainee project team realise?

Nature care with #greenkayak

Our trainee project team collected trash on and along the Alster in Hamburg to help protect the environment. Equipped with kayaks from #greenkayak, grabs and gloves, they got to work picking up trash on water and on land: plastic bags, lighters, bottles and even car tires and ended up in the boat. In our small teams, everyone was motivated and had fun - the challenge was to collect the largest mountain of waste. And so we collected sacks of garbage. It is really frightening how much waste ends up in the Alster: e-scooters lie in the shallow shore area, as well as one glass bottle after another, often already overgrown and only distinguishable from the stones by their shape. In favor of our green conscience and in the sense of sustainability, we strive for a greener future and will now more often leave our beloved home a little bit better and cleaner than we found it!

Evaluation of internal sustainability at Bode

Constantly improving ourselves and regularly taking a detached look at the way we have done things so far, is part of Bode Naturkost's identity. As sustainability is our greatest concern, we also regularly rethink our internal sustainable actions.
For this reason, the trainee project team was given the responsible task of taking a closer look at our sustainability in terms of electricity, water, gas and the separation of recyclable materials and looking for improvements.
As part of this project, the team developed measures to save electricity and water, such as a checklist of things to look out for when leaving the office, tips on how to use energy sparingly and the economical use of water in the kitchen. Additionally, the trainees created a precise concept for better separation of recyclable materials. This project is designed for the long term, as we want to continuously improve in these areas.

Planting an insect bed

As part of our trainee project, we planted an insect bed on our company premises. As we know, industrious insects such as bees, bumblebees and many more make an important contribution to nature, as their work keeps our ecosystem stable.
Our insect bed is located in a sunny spot so that the plants can shine with their beautiful flowers in the years to come. We chose a seed mix that produces flowers for wild bees and bumblebees, which are especially endangered. In addition, we have planted plants that provide hiding-places for native butterflies.
Since sustainability is very important to us, this project is especially close to our hearts! To show you the difference, we have created a small photo collage. Be curious to see how our flowering miracle will develop and feel free to visit us in the future to see what other projects we realize!

Product development "nut kernel pieces mix organic"

The apprentice project team has been responsible for the entire product development of our Bode article 22760 nut kernel pieces mix organic from the idea to the market launch. The task here was to develop an item that stands for sustainability. The blend contains nut pieces that are outside the calibration of whole kernels At the same time it offers the taste of the highest quality.
In this process, the trainees made the selection of ingredients and determined the appropriate mixing ratio - for the perfect taste, the harmonious appearance and to ensure the best price-performance ratio.
The trainees succeeded brilliantly and the result is a great product!

We are looking forward to these follow-up projects:

  • As part of our sustainability project, we will train colleagues on the topic of waste management and engage in social activities together.
  • In order to be able to share our enthusiasm for Bode with our customers and business partners, we will shoot small image films.
  • More exciting projects to follow!